Made for you:

The diet advice is customized to your lifestyle & requirements. It also takes into account the medical & family history along with other important information such as your exercise regims and other lifestyle habits.

High on Nutrition & Right on calories:

The suggested plan is a well balanced diet which includes whole grains, pulses, low fat diary, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in appropriate portion depending on an individual requirement and medical history.

Home Cooked Food:

The food plan are simple and normal home cooked variety of food, the kind of stuff that may already be in your kitchen right now.

Deprivation won’t be an option:

A sustainable diet is not about taking away what you like,  it’s about giving foods in the right proportions at the right time. Whether you are hosting a party or at a dinner, if you know the art of eating right, deprivation won’t be an option.

Staying on Step Ahead:

You’re travelling tomorrow morning or going out for an Indian Meal? Simple message your nutritionist a few hours prior, she will tell you what you need to know to manage your food intake. Timely communication and effective advice will help you sail smoothly through various waves in your efforts for weight loss and fitness.